Project Description

AVerDiGi EB5416DVD Pro has powerful functions such as 480 fps recording, user-friendly interface and fully functional mouse control. The feedback from clients has proved further that it’s a versatile product and helps to improve and manage security.

Key Features                                                                             

  • Embedded Linux 
  • Full functional control utilizing mouse
  • Support Dual TV/ VGA outputs
  • Support JavaViewer on mobile phone
  • Remote preview and playback on PDAViewer
  • Support Spot monitor
  • Support iSync mode- shoe live video and play recorded data on the same screen simultaneously 
  • Motion Detection mask and shield (30×20/ 30×24 blocks)
  • Easy to set schedule by week
  • Pre-alarm recording function up to 5 seconds
  • Hot-key on remote controller for auto save setting
  • Support PTZ cameras
  • Comes with removable SATA HDD BAY
  • Comes with IR extension cable
  • Jog shuttle for playback
  • Built-in player to playback video without carrying additional CD to install on PC
  • Upgrade system via internet or Pen drive

Recording Resolution

  • Full D1: 720×480 / 720X576 (NTSC/PAL)
  • CIF: 360×240 / 360X288 (NTSC/PAL)

Recording Frame Rate


  • Full D1: 240 / 200 fps (NTSC/PAL)
  • CIF: 480 / 400 fps (NTSC/PAL)


Project Details